Free On Demand Forex Webinars

Forex Trading 101


  • Pip Value  in FX
  • Margin Calculations in FX
  • Pip Value in CFDs
  • Margin Calculation in CFDs

Fundamental Analysis - Market Watch


  • Types of Fundamental News
  • Economic Calendar
  • Central Banks & Interest Rates
  • Market Sentiment
  • News Trading

Technical Analysis - Market Watch 2


  • Support/Resistance Levels
  • Pivot Points
  • Entry/Exit in Trading
  • Indicators (Moving Averages,RSI, Parabolic SAR & Ichimoku)

Risk Analysis & Management


  • Equity Exposure
  • SL/ TP
  • Counting Pips
  • financial and investment planning
  • Hedging or Cutting loss? 

Trading Psychology & Expectations


  • Relax and let the market make its move
  • Truly accept the risk
  • Know when to take profits and when to cut off losses.
  • Do your homework.
  • Realistic returns are possible. Don't waste money on impossible returns.

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